#05 – Lloyd Grogan

Lloyd Grogan poster

The fifth in our mix series comes from Housewerk‘s Llyod Grogan. The all-seeing, all-doing and never-ever ending kick drum beats relentlessly up until the closing mark in this number.

An Ego cleanser of sorts, blasting out all those unimportant thoughts from your muddled mind. Supplying that primal need to grow some (loads of) hairs on your chest and bang your head until you’ve forgotten all about mortgages, multiplication tables and TV licenses.

Bang your head until your reduced, until you go feral and hang out with a family of wolves, or gorillas, I don’t care, because you can’t lie to the kick drum, like I said it’s all-seeing,  it knows when you drive your car to a shop within walking distance, it knows when your thinking of selling your decks to pay the gas bill,

listen to this here melting techno set, get back to your roots, be sound. Because what else would you be at really?

Track List:

S100 – Krowork(Tom Dicicco Remix)
Joe Cocherell – Poptones
Alberto Pascual – Tela Absorbance ( Hans Bouffmyhre)
Delta Code – Track 3
Maan – Trow
Ed Davenport – More Red Lights
Lucy _ Finnegan (Pariah Dub Mix)
Truncate – Defraction
A&S – Isolater (A&S Remix)
Myk Derill – Measure
Cassiegrain & Tin Man – Athletic
Psyk – Throes
Karenn – Sailing Solvents
Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
Clouds – Those Cracks In Your Face, Do They Hurt?
Blawan – And Both His Sons
Clouds – Those Cracks In Your Face, Do They Hurt? ( Truss Remix)
British Murder Boys – Father Loves Us

Words: Whitty
Sounds: Lloyd Grogan

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