Stephen Brown – Mini Mood

Simple and beautiful dub techno gem from veteran Scottish producer Stephen Brown on Skudge’s descriptively but boringly named “Skudge Presents” label. Brown is (or should be) well known for his incognito trance inducing melodic-but-tough 90’s techno on iconic dutch label Djax-Up-Beats such as Status Bytes or First Snow,  and with this sterling release he’s shown that he’s stuck to his guns achieving the same moody melodic swing to his music but also moved and developed with the times progressing his style constantly and experimenting with other genres.

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Monday Mind Molestin': TR//ER – UC

Beat that post weekend hangover with a cold turkey techno baseball bat to the brain in the form of TR\\ER’s UC, you certainly will see, see red when you hear this. The first release from the highly talented brothers that are Truss/MPIA3 and Tessella sees this off-yet-totally-on kilter acid techno antichrist to wax, from the aptly named “Brothers” label which features 4 artists per release with one track either side. With other heavyweight names on the roster such as AnD, Tom Dicicco and Perc this new label is certainly one to keep an eye on.

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Pete Bradock – Path Of Most Resistance

Take it easy Tuesday with this laid back deep house soother from Parisian Pepe Bradock. A short and simple floating synth line carry the song through the flakey and numb percussion with a few chopped vocal samples thrown in to give you something to point your fingers to as you dance before a further smooth synth-bleepy melody is introduced for a small crescendo. Sunday morning comedown house at its finest. Taken from the unusually but sense-makingly named Swimsuit Issue 1789 on Pepe’s own imprint “Atavisme”, which in English means Ativism (which essentially means a tendancy to revert to ancestral type, worth googling for some stimulating definitions!)

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We Cannot Know: Move D – Aspiration 2010

Outstanding deep acid roller embossed with a serious amount of Soul by the expert German hand of Move D. The rest of the tracks from this release on Soul People Music also certainly merit a listening, so I’ve posted them below.

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Tune of the Day: Les Baxter – Prelude in C# Minor(Rachmaninoff)/Prelude In E Minor (Chopin)

Stumble through your Sunday rolled over and completely stupefied hazy mind with these pair of cinematic intergalactic funk rock classics, arranged by the incredible American composer Leslie Baxter and his musicians. Notable melody taken by the Beastie Boys for Intergaltic.

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Tune of the Day: Outlander – Vamp

R & S Records, 1991, Dutch, Warehouses, Thacherism, Gary Ablets, the song sets the mood. Straight classic.

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Tune of the Day: Jazz Liberatorz – Blue Avenue

Let’s all have an uber sweet chill to this mega relaxing tune, the very aptly named Blue Avenue. Sweet.

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Tune of the Day: J Dilla – Crustation

Let this incredibly simple yet beautiful tune melt your cares and stresses away as you flake out on another sunny day. I must have listened to this on average 40 times a day during a recent stressful time in work and it seriously made it more bearable! Its important to take 5 minutes to catch your breath every now and then and this tune is the equivalent of a two hour massage for your stressed brain.

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Hell Yes: Subbase Mixing Session 5 – Caffe’ Italiono

So here’s a quick gander at the place we’re using for our next mixing session:


And some delicious foodstuffs:

Food 01-01

See full post for what the story is, here are the facts:
-€6 Entry
-7PM until later than everywhere else
-Great Music
-Great People
-Great Food
-First two hours are BYOB

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Tune of the Day: Leif – Each Day Made New

Today’s tune of the day comes from Welshman Leif Knowles on Ornate Music. Soft and subtly cut mpc’d vocals accompany an equally subtle but nicely moving bass line amidst a sunshine drenched hip-hop vibe. This song shall set the tone for the week with more flaked out sunshine chilla’z.

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